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Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) Offshore (Singapore)

Course overview

This course is conducted in Singapore in conjunction with the Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd (SIM PL). It is taught and awarded by the University of Sydney, and accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB).

The Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) is offered over one year full time or two years part time and is taught in block mode with online support. There are two intakes per year commencing in January/February and June/July.

Academic calendar

In this course teaching and learning takes place in accordance with the University’s approved semesters and teaching blocks, and as set out in the Sydney Nursing School Academic Calendar, approved by Academic Board.

Course resolutions

The course resolutions detailed in this page apply to all courses included in the table below under section 1 (course codes).

These resolutions must be read in conjunction with applicable University By-laws, Rules and policies including (but not limited to) the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2014 (the 'Coursework Rule'), the Coursework Policy 2021 (the 'Coursework Policy'), the Learning and Teaching Policy 2019, the Resolutions of the Faculty, University of Sydney (Student Academic Appeals) Rule 2021, the Academic Integrity Policy 2022 and the Academic Integrity Procedures 2022. Current versions of all policies are available from the Policy

1  Course codes

Code Course title
Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) (on-shore)
Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) (off-shore)

2  Attendance pattern

The attendance pattern for this course may be full time or part time and will be determined in consultation with the relevant delegate.

3  Admission to candidature

(1)  This course does not lead to registration as a nurse in Australia. Applicants who hold qualifications not recognised for registration as a nurse in Australia are permitted to enrol in this course, but will not be eligible for registration in Australia upon completion.

(2)  Available places will be offered to qualified applicants in the order in which complete applications are received, according to the following admission criteria.

(3)  Admission to the on-shore program requires:

(a)  English language proficiency requirements as detailed in the Coursework Policy; and

(b)  a qualification at the certificate or diploma level which leads to registration as a nurse in Australia or another country; and

(c)  employment as a registered nurse for a period of at least 6 months within the last two years at the time of enrolment.

(4)  Admission to the off-shore program in Singapore requires:

(a)  English language proficiency requirements as detailed in the Coursework Policy; and

(b)  a Diploma in Nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic or Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore; or

(c)  an approved Diploma in Nursing from an approved institution; or

(d)  a Certificate in Nursing from the Singapore School of Nursing, or its equivalent; and

(e)  current registration with the Singapore Nursing Board.

4  Requirements for award

(1)  The units of study that may be taken for the course are set out in the units of study table for the Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration).

(2)  To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) degree candidates must complete 144 credit points, including credit granted for certificate or diploma studies at the time of admission. To qualify for the award, candidates must complete the remaining credit points as follows:

(a) Candidates who hold an admission qualification at the certificate or diploma level must successfully complete 48 credit points from the units of study available.

5  Award of the degree

The Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) is awarded at the Pass level only.

6     Time limits

A candidate must complete all the requirements for the course within five years of first enrolment, including periods of suspension.

7     Credit for previous study

(1) Credit granted for certificate or diploma level studies may not exceed 96 credit points.

8     Transitional provisions

(1)   These resolutions apply to students who commenced their candidature after 1 July 2023 and students who commence their candidature prior to 1 July 2023 who elect to proceed under these resolutions.

(2)   Candidates who commenced prior to 1 July 2023 may complete the requirements in accordance with the resolutions in force at the time of their commencement.