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Doctor of Physiotherapy

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the program students will be able to:

No. Course learning outcome
1 Exhibit high ethical standards and comply with the legal responsibilities required for the provision of care to individual patients, communities, and populations, practicing with personal and professional integrity.
2 Enact the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and be able to work with all members of the community.
3 Communicate effectively using a variety of modes and demonstrate excellent communication skills that are highly adaptable to diverse patients, communities, health professionals, and wider audiences.
4 Integrate advanced biomedical knowledge, psychosocial determinants of health, and use of modern technology to assess, interpret, and manage the complex acute and chronic needs of patients within the scope of physiotherapy practice.
5 Independently and collaboratively deliver safe, evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and effective care through inter-professional teamwork within the Australian healthcare system.
6 Provide education for patients and their carers across lifespan, peers, other health professionals, communities and populations about the prevention and management of health conditions within the scope of physiotherapy.
7 Lead and advocate for improved healthcare for all patients.
8 Understand the principles of clinical and professional management to construct new ideas and opportunities by using creative and innovative strategies in a business context.
9 Engage in continually professional learning across the career, with the ability to proactively search for and critically read research and evaluate information from diverse information systems to apply new evidence-based knowledge and skills to practice.