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Dalyell stream

The Dalyell stream is a targeted stream for high achievers and students who participate in the stream are known as the 'Dalyell Scholars'.

The Dalyell stream is named after a distinguished alumna of the University, Elsie Jean Dalyell (pronounced "Dee-el"). Elsie Jean Dalyell (1881-1948) was a distinguished medical graduate from the University of Sydney and she was also the first full-time female academic in our Faculty of Medicine. She was a pioneer resident medical officer at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and following this she travelled to London on a scholarship where she served in the First World War, working as a senior clinician in a Vienna-based research team studying deficiency diseases in children. She was a leader in her field and it is in this spirit that the Dalyell Program has been developed.

This is an elite program and Dalyell Scholars will need to maintain a CSAM (cross-semester average mark) of 75 percent. The program offers participating students the opportunity to be challenged through a broader and deeper learning experience. The stream allows for the development of expertise beyond discipline-specific skills, and focuses on self-awareness, community contribution, leadership, innovation and creative solutions skills. The program will develop vision, adaptability, breadth of perspective, and a high level of capability in and across disciplinary and cultural boundaries.

As Dalyell Scholars, students will have access to curricular and extra-curricular activities. These include a three-stage mentoring program; a global mobility scholarship to assist with your global mobility experience; professional development in the form of master classes; insights from distinguished speakers; leadership development activities; and two exclusive Dalyell units (6 credit points each). In addition to these curricular and extra-curricular activities, with the permission of the Dalyell Program Director, students will have access to enrichment and accelerated units of study.

For further details regarding the Dalyell stream, please refer to the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.