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Postgraduate research

Students in research degrees in the Faculty of Science undertake supervised research leading to the writing of a thesis.

The Faculty of Science offers the following postgraduate research degrees:

It should be noted that research Honours programs are also offered by the Faculty of Science. Information for these programs is provided in theĀ Science Undergraduate Handbook.

The University of Sydney introduced a new coursework requirement for Higher Degree by Research students commencing from Research Period 1 2021. Coursework is intended to give students the opportunity to take units of study that expand their existing skills or work toward developing novel capabilities that will complement their research and career development. Units of study students can choose to fulfil the Higher Degree by Research coursework requirement are listed in Table R of the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook. Students can enrol in units of study in Sydney Student and plan professional and academic development activities with their supervisors in the Research Education Candidature System. Award requirements for each degree are outlined in the respective course resolutions.

Higher Doctorates

The Faculty of Science offers four higher doctorates, being:

  • Doctor of Agricultural Economics
  • Doctor of Science
  • Doctor of Science in Agriculture
  • Doctor of Veterinary Science

These degrees are awarded for a thesis that is considered to be a distinguished contribution to knowledge, in a field appropriate to the degree. No research training is provided for these degrees as they are aimed at academics nearing the end of their career rather than those at the beginning.

Student are required to enrol for a minimum of one part-time research period. To be eligible, applicants must hold a degree that was conferred more than 5 years ago, and hold that degree from the University or have worked for the University for at least 3 years full time or equivalent.

Those applying to the Doctor of Veterinary Science also hold or have completed all the academic requirements for the Bachelor of Veterinary Science. The Higher Doctorates are governed by theĀ University Of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011.

Higher Degree by Research policies and procedures

Higher degrees by research are governed by the following policies:

Additional information

Additional information for research students is available at:

Thesis submission information

Information relating to the submission of a thesis is provided at the following:

Within the Faculty of Science, there are no formal requirements or guidelines other than those listed above. Students are generally expected to submit an electronic version of their thesis for examination and after examination to the library.

There are no requirements for single/double spacing or single/double sided presentation, nor font size, figure presentation, format of bibliographic citations, etc. Candidates should, however, be aware that if the degree is awarded, the thesis becomes a public document, the quality of which reflects on the ability of the candidate.