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05 November 2015

Accountability and the viral video: there are still no guarantees

The latest viral videos of police brutality and racist behaviour illustrate the steady increase in public accountability over recent decades, writes Professor Nick Enfield.

05 November 2015

Students unite to deliver health messages to community

The University of Sydney will premiere videos made by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students to promote healthy life choices for young people in regional Australia.

05 November 2015

Anti-extremism policy an expensive recipe for disaster

NSW will spend $47 million to combat violent extremism in schools, but as Hussain Nadim explains, this approach has its problems.

04 November 2015

Big ideas in the arts: Seymour Centre's new direction at 40

Drawing on its historic ties with the University of Sydney, the Seymour Centre will launch the Great Ideas Performance Series, a program that marries captivating performances with academic insights.

04 November 2015

Academics must cut the tentacles that threaten to strangle them

New knowledge generated by publicly funded research should be quickly and easily accessible to the public, writes Professor Stephen Leeder.

04 November 2015

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders more pervasive than first thought

We need to change community attitudes to excessive use of alcohol to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, argues Professor Elizabeth Elliott.

04 November 2015

Invest in general practice to ensure health of older Australians, say experts

Published today, the two reports by the BEACH research program of the University of Sydney's Family Medicine Research Centre reveal changing patterns in GP-delivered services as general practice rises to the challenge of complex chronic disease management, particularly in older patients.

03 November 2015

Cancer substantially affects cognition: international research

International research team finds even localised cancer is associated with sustained cognitive impairment.

03 November 2015

How to feed a racehorse and keep it healthy

We cannot change the horse's gastro-intestinal structure and function, but we can feed horses in ways that promote their health and welfare while still racing them, argues Professor Paul McGreevy. 

03 November 2015

Genes good form for your Melbourne Cup tip

Genetic analysis into complex traits could improve not only performance but also health and welfare, according to new research.

02 November 2015

Science in action at STEM Day

Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and untying shoelaces using maths are just some of the interactive activities bringing science to life at the University of Sydney's STEM Day of Inquiry this week.

02 November 2015

Healthcare: the next boom industry for Australian businesses in China

As the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) looks set to be ratified later this year, a new report has identified the healthcare sector as one of the key beneficiaries from the agreement.

30 October 2015

Dog whisperers to reveal how well you really know your dog

Landmark study is the first study to look at different factors that might contribute to a person's ability to interpret dog emotions.

30 October 2015

ARC grants reward University of Sydney research leadership

The Australian Research Council has acknowledged the excellence of University of Sydney research with almost $31 million in funding for 81 areas, including more than $803,000 for two Indigenous Discovery Grants. 

30 October 2015

Four reasons rugby union in Australia is struggling - despite the Wallabies' success

The Wallabies may be flying high at the World Cup, but the picture for rugby union at home looks reasonably bleak, argues Dr Steve Georgakis.

30 October 2015

Taking money out of workers' pockets

The Indonesian government has proposed a new regulation that is likely to take money out of the pockets of workers, argues Professor Michele Ford and Professor Teri L. Caraway.

30 October 2015

Twin research sheds new light on back pain

New research node on twins will bring together leading researchers in areas as diverse as dementia and brain ageing, breast cancer, mental health, epigenetics and back pain.

30 October 2015

Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not

A recently published book offers a sobering yet hopeful account of how corporate myths have slowed our response to human‑caused climate change, and what we can do about it.
29 October 2015

From student to start-up – how a PhD can boost budding businesses

The combination of pursuing a PhD and founding a startup is better than you might expect, argues Nicky Ringland

28 October 2015

Bright minds, big city: Raising the Bar in education

Last week's inaugural Raising the Bar event offered a new opportunity to question and be inspired, writes University of Sydney Student Ambassador Jennifer Jamie Irawan.