Articles published in 2023

13 November 2023

Study reveals the high cost of childhood hospitalisation

A University of Sydney study has shed light on the impact of childhood hospitalisation, showing the direct and indirect costs of paediatric admissions, how it impacts the child, their families and the health system.
10 November 2023

Any activity is better for your heart than sitting - even sleeping

Replacing sitting with as little as a few minutes of moderate exercise a day tangibly improves heart health, according to new research from the University of Sydney and UCL.
10 November 2023

Liquid metals shake up century-old chemical engineering processes

Liquid metals could be the long-awaited solution to "greening" the chemical industry, according to researchers who tested a new technique they hope can replace energy-intensive chemical engineering processes harking back to the early 20th century.
08 November 2023

Sydney researchers lauded as national leaders

The Australian's 2024 Research Magazine ranks the University of Sydney and its researchers as number one nationally across a range of research fields.
08 November 2023

Workplace protections needed for menstruation and menopause

Consideration for menstruation and menopause needs to be included in our understanding of the right to work, according to new research from the University of Sydney Business School.
07 November 2023

Spot reduction: why targeting weight loss to a specific area is a myth

Spend some time scrolling social media and you're all but guaranteed to see an ad promising to help you with targeted fat loss. Unfortunately, spot reduction is another weight-loss myth. It's simply not possible to target the location where you lose weight, Dr Nick Fuller writes in The Conversation.

07 November 2023

Fieldwork can be challenging for female scientists: 5 ways to make it better

Our recent study revealed broad perceptions and experiences of gender inequality in coastal sciences. We offer five ways to improve the fieldwork experience for women.
06 November 2023

AI chatbots are coming to your workplace but are not necessarily coming for your job

Don't think of your AI chatbot as an omniscient artificial brain, but as a gifted graduate student assigned to be your personal work assistant, write Professor Kai Riemer and Dr Sandra Peter.
03 November 2023

Is Now and Then really a Beatles song?

Dr Jadey O'Regan and Dr Paul McDermott, both lecturers in Contemporary Music at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, reflect on the technology used in the new, and final, song by the Beatles and ponder its meaning and legacy.
03 November 2023

Sydney academics awarded prestigious ARC Grants

University of Sydney academics have been awarded more than $24 million in funding for 42 new research projects, spanning accessible playgrounds for children with vision impairments, attracting and retaining quality teachers in early education, and developing facilities to improve renewable technology.
03 November 2023

Professor Jane Ginsburg the inaugural Sir Percy Spender Fellow

International copyright law expert Professor Jane Ginsburg is the inaugural Sir Percy Spender Visiting Fellow at the University of Sydney Law School.
02 November 2023

Restoring knowledge

Modern science and First Nations Knowledge, handed down over generations, have long existed as separate entities. Now, geoscientist Dr Mitchell Gibbs is drawing on traditional practices in a bid to restore oyster reefs and to change ways of thinking within Western science.
02 November 2023

In our defence

Childhood curiosity about science led Dr Helen Cartledge from Siberia to a career as an engineering leader, working to modernise Australia's Navy - with a sideline as a green tech inventor. On a mission to use science to save the world, she's urging scientists to take responsibility for the future impacts of their innovations.
02 November 2023

University launches new robotics hub to automate asset management

The University of Sydney is today launching the ARC Australian Robotic Inspection and Asset Management Hub (ARIAM) which researchers say will transform the way important assets are handled.
02 November 2023

Indigenous health projects get funding boost

Three Indigenous-led projects to boost health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have received funding support from the Australian Government.
01 November 2023

Nanowire 'brain' network learns and remembers 'on the fly'

Like a collection of 'Pick Up Sticks', the self-arranged network of nanowires mimics the synapse function of the brain. In this experiment, a network was trained to access dynamic online data that it learnt and memorised.
01 November 2023

Huge crypto study finds high risk doesn't equal reward

A study of more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies between 2015 to 2022 has found that high-risk cryptocurrencies generally underperform their low-risk counterparts.
01 November 2023

Antibiotics for common childhood infections no longer effective

Alarmingly high rates of bacterial resistance to commonly prescribed antibiotics used to treat children and babies has been found in the Asia -Pacific.
31 October 2023

Chau Chak Wing Museum joins with Biennale of Sydney

The Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney is one of seven host locations of next year's Biennale of Sydney.
31 October 2023

University of Sydney marks 60th anniversary of Fisher Library

The University of Sydney's Fisher Library turns 60 this year and its contribution towards the University's research, education and student experience will be recognised during a day of celebrations on Monday 6 November.