Articles published in 2023

09 October 2023

Your car is watching you. The implications are profound and immediate

The rapid rise of smart vehicles has brought to the fore the often-overlooked issue of privacy breaches by car manufacturers, writes Professor Uri Gal from the University of Sydney Business School in The Canberra Times.
09 October 2023

Confronting ageing: the talk Australia has to have

Australian society will be reshaped as its population ages. We need to have some confronting conversations about ageing and how society pays the inevitable cost, writes Professor Lee-Fay Low.
09 October 2023

GPs could improve access to ADHD treatment

While GPs should have an expanded role in the ongoing management of ADHD, it's important for specialists to diagnose and initiate treatment, writes Professor Adam Guastella from the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney and co-authors.
09 October 2023

Message of support on the conflict in the Middle East

The University of Sydney's Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Mark Scott, has expressed the University's deep sympathy for those affected by the conflict in the Middle East.
06 October 2023

Wiradjuri poet Jeanine Leane wins Australia's richest poetry prize

In celebration of Australian poetry the Discipline of English and the Master of Creative Writing present the 2023 David Harold Tribe Poetry Award. This year the award offers the richest poetry prize in Australia of $20,000 for an original unpublished poem on any theme, up to 100 lines in length.
06 October 2023

How Universities can join forces to tackle global challenges

Sydney Summit III asked what is the most effective way for universities to work together to create real-world impact through their diverse research and expertise.
06 October 2023

Brainless organisms can learn - so what does it mean to think?

Jellyfish, coral, fungi, bacteria and famously slime moulds get by perfectly well without a brain. Director of the Sensory and Evolutionary Ecology Lab, Dr Tom White, explores how learning works in different species and what this says about evolution.
05 October 2023

Gendered discrimination and disrespect 'all too common' in legal profession

A new report, Designing Gender Equality into the Future of The Law examines the experience of women in the law including discrimination, harassment and overwork.
05 October 2023

Can the Modern Slavery Act review drive meaningful change?

A panel event on the Modern Slavery Act Review will bring together experts from government, academia and civil society to explore whether a stronger Act will drive meaningful change.
04 October 2023

Elaine Lindsay's life story: From poetry at the Pancake Kitchen to a PhD

Against all odds, Elaine Lindsay went to university to pursue her academic dreams. Since then, she's hosted on a radio station, gotten her PhD, and married her two passions for literature and feminist theology.
04 October 2023

How physiotherapy alum Weh Yeoh is helping charities heal the world

It all started when Weh Yeoh met an inspiring patient on placement during his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. From there, he discovered a path that would lead to global charity work, a book release, and the transformation of many lives.
04 October 2023

The Explorer's Mindset

James Castrisson (B Com '04), an explorer and two-time Guinness World Record holder, shares his advice on the secret to success - and it's not what you might think.
03 October 2023

Royal Society of NSW appoints three Sydney academics as Fellows

Three University of Sydney researchers across psychology, bioethics and physics have been appointed as Fellows of the Royal Society of NSW.
03 October 2023

Our core purpose remains critical for universities of the future

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Annamarie Jagose calls for continued and unconstrained generation of new knowledge in places of student learning.
30 September 2023

Universities are too complex to be characterised by one number

Rankings try to characterise a university with a single number but it's more complicated than that, explains University of Sydney Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Emma Johnston.
29 September 2023

Study pinpoints the length of incidental activity linked to health benefits

Choosing the stairs or speedily sweeping can lower the risk of heart disease, according to new research in The Lancet Public Health.
28 September 2023

Day 3: Times Higher Education Summit 2023

The final day of the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit 2023, exploring the theme 'Collaborating for greatness in a multidisciplinary world'.
28 September 2023

University researchers and alumni to feature in SXSW Sydney 2023

South by Southwest conferences and festivals gather the world's most inspired thinkers and creators. Hosted outside of the US for the first time, SXSW Sydney will showcase University of Sydney researchers and alumni.
28 September 2023

Sydney in top 100 in THE World University Rankings 2024

In the 20th year of the Times Higher Education World Rankings, the University of Sydney is ranked 60th in the world. 1904 universities were ranked from 108 countries and regions.
27 September 2023

Day 2: Times Higher Education Summit 2023

Day 2 highlights of the 2023 Times Higher Education World Academic Summit include discussions around collaboration, industry partnerships, research impact, entrepreneurialism and the next phase for higher education.