Articles published in 2023

26 September 2023

Day 1: Times Higher Education Summit 2023

Delegates from almost 50 countries have joined us on campus to explore the theme 'Collaborating for greatness in a multidisciplinary world'.
26 September 2023

How to manage exam season: take breaks and breathe

Associate Professor Paul Ginns' research shows that rest and relaxation maximises academic performance, even during exams. He explains why in The Conversation.
26 September 2023

Simulator lets students and researchers pilot aircraft, spaceships

The University of Sydney has acquired a 360-degree rotating cockpit simulator, allowing researchers and students to replicate the experience of piloting any aircraft from an A380 to a spaceship.
26 September 2023

Pacific Rim university leaders join forces on regional challenges

Senior leaders from Pacific Rim Universities this week discussed higher education's role in addressing major challenges facing the region.
21 September 2023

The Voice a 'nation-building moment': Rachel Perkins

At this year's Charles Perkins Oration, Rachel Perkins spoke about her father's legacy as a grassroots leader and the upcoming referendum as a nation-building moment on the path to reconciliation.
21 September 2023

Museum's teaching program wins international prize

The University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum has won the 2023 University Museums and Collections Prize for its object-based learning (OBL) program.
20 September 2023

University hosts prestigious THE World Academic Summit

Over 500 delegates will participate in the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit being hosted by the University of Sydney.
20 September 2023

Sir David Higgins awarded Doctor of Engineering

The University of Sydney admitted engineer and alumnus Sir David Higgins to the degree of Doctor of Engineering (honoris causa) on 19 September, in recognition of his contribution to engineering and industry over the past 40 years.
20 September 2023

Dr Matthew Hall admitted as an Honorary Fellow

Dr Matthew Hall has been admitted as an Honorary Fellow of the University of Sydney in recognition of his substantial contributions to its interests and welfare over many years.
19 September 2023

A travelling legacy: Charles Badham's pursuit of equitable education

When Reverend Charles Badham joined the University of Sydney in 1867, he travelled throughout the colonies calling for donors to support bursaries. More than 150 years later, his dedication has established a tradition of giving that continues today.
15 September 2023

Evolution wired human brains to act like supercomputers

Scientists have confirmed that human brains are naturally wired to perform advanced calculations, much like a high-powered computer, to make sense of the world through a process known as Bayesian inference.
14 September 2023

Five Sydney researchers announced as 2023 Young Tall Poppy award winners

Five early career researchers from the University of Sydney have been honoured as recipients of the 2023 NSW Young Tall Poppy Awards, recognising their contributions to the future of STEM.
14 September 2023

University celebrates India Scholarship recipients

The University of Sydney recently celebrated the 2020 to 2023 recipients of the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship program that aims to discover India's future leaders.
14 September 2023

World failing on Sustainable Development Goals

An independent group of scientists appointed by the United Nations' Secretary General, including from the University of Sydney, write in Nature that scientists and policymakers must urgently join forces to overcome obstacles to achieving sustainable development goals.
13 September 2023

Australia faces solar waste crisis

Australia is world leading in its uptake of residential rooftop solar, installing new solar panels at ten times the global average rate. This means, on a per capita basis, the solar waste problem facing Australia is far greater than that experienced in any other country. New research from the Sydney Law School aims to re-orientate renewable energy laws.
12 September 2023

Visiting scholar rediscovers 'long lost' collection of historical butterflies and moths

A visiting scholar has revealed hundreds of type specimens, long considered lost, in the entomological collection at the University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum.
12 September 2023

Australians urged to seek out timely dementia diagnosis

Knowing the early signs of dementia and seeking out a timely diagnosis are vital to living well in the long term according to Australian researchers who today launch a public awareness campaign.
12 September 2023

Collaborate or compete? The perils of returning to the office

A benefit of working in the office is that it can spur workers to put in more effort, as they are able to observe their colleagues working (and working hard) more easily.
11 September 2023

Students provide local insights to Singapore Airlines' KrisShop

University of Sydney students shared ideas with Singapore Airlines' flagship retailer, KrisShop, on ways to innovate in the Australian market, through a project unit that aims to help solve the challenges of industry partners.
08 September 2023

Research shows nature's perfect timing is all about connections

Writing for The Conversation, Associate Professor Joseph Lizier from the Centre of Complex Systems explains the phenomenon of synchronisation, an important process in nature and everyday systems.