24 March 2017

The effect of continental stress on carbon storage sites

If proposed CO2 sites are not properly assessed for long-term stability, future civilisations could still suffer the consequences of global warming.

24 March 2017

A Q&A with Nalini Joshi

One year on from her acclaimed Press Club speech on gender equity in science, we catch up with Professor Nalini Joshi, Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow and Chair of Applied Mathematics, to talk about progress in this arena and the unveiling of her portrait. 

23 March 2017

Boosting natural brain opioids could be the way to treat anxiety

Boosting natural brain opioids may be a better way to treat disabling emotions, says new research revealing their role in regulating critical brain circuits affecting fear and anxiety.

23 March 2017

3D liver model to test nanoparticle safety

Meet pharmacist, nanosafety student and award-winner for reducing the use of animals in research, Dipesh Khanal.

23 March 2017

Australia's energy crisis is a failure of policy not competitive markets

Governments can play a pivotal role in the setting of rules that govern energy markets and ongoing integrity towards achieving reliable, responsible and efficient energy. It's not too late to change Australia's energy crisis, writes Garry Bowditch. 

22 March 2017

Why should we obey the law?

Returning to a deep question in political philosophy: Why should one obey the law and the state more generally? Professor of Political Philosophy and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Duncan Ivison, writes.

22 March 2017

$1m in fellowships for stroke prevention and mental health research

Four up-and-coming medical researchers have been awarded more than $1 million in funding to create and test new therapies for cardiovascular disease, mental health, substance use and mitochondrial disease.

21 March 2017

Olive Pink inspires Anne Boyd’s new orchestral work

The University’s first female Professor of Music, Anne Boyd AM, premieres her new orchestral work inspired by Australia’s first desert botanic garden, founded by anthropologist, artist, Aboriginal-rights activist and alumna Olive Muriel Pink (1884-1975).

21 March 2017

Research spotlights early signs of disease using infrared light

University of Sydney researchers have used infrared spectroscopy to spotlight changes in tiny cell fragments called microvesicles to probe their role in a model of the body's immunological response to bacterial infection.

20 March 2017

From campus to Congress

University of Sydney students learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through policy-shaping internship.