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24 April 2017

ANZAC Day 2017: Lest we forget

ANZAC Day is a day on which we remember and reflect on the lives of the brave soldiers who served and died in war. We remember their triumphs, their struggles and the influence of their journey on future generations.

21 April 2017

How the Paris attack will influence the French election

As Paris is rocked by a police shooting days out from the Presidential election, University of Sydney experts in security and politics weigh in on the corresponding security issues and implications.

21 April 2017

3 things you didn’t know about the 457 visa changes

The federal government will abolish the 457 visa, which will be replaced with two new visas. University of Sydney experts explain what the changes will mean for businesses and universities.

21 April 2017

Video: What causes extremism?

Extremism has no single race, religion, gender or age. So what drives someone to commit acts of extreme violence? Counter-radicalisation expert Hussain Nadim explains.

21 April 2017

New Pro-Vice-Chancellor to drive research excellence

Economic geography and strategic management scholar Associate Professor Eric Knight appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research - Enterprise and Engagement).

20 April 2017

The Australian heartland of jazz stages its first international festival

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the heartland of the country's finest jazz musicians, is hosting an inaugural international jazz festival on Sunday 4 June.

20 April 2017

Valued voice in an environment for food innovation

Karl Sternberg found that fitting within the organisational culture of his host business provided a platform for constructive discussions and opportunities to learn, innovate and set a standard for new interns.

20 April 2017

International fellowships to build an architect's view of humanities

Two prestigious, Harvard University affiliated fellowships have been awarded to Professor Andrew Leach and Dr Jennifer Ferng in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

20 April 2017

Can we combat age-related macular degeneration through our diet?

People living with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) who eat the right types and amounts of certain foods may actually slow the progression of the disease.

20 April 2017

How to slow the effects of ageing

Leading scientists from Australia and the world will gather to examine the latest research into ageing and associated conditions, at the second Australian Biology of Ageing Conference in Sydney.