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12 April 2017

Investment opportunities for personal growth

Food and Agribusiness student Ashleigh James is making an impression whilst getting a taste of what working life will be like after graduation.

12 April 2017

The scientist who went out in the cold

Soon to be recognised with the University of Sydney's 2017 Alumni Award for Professional Achievement, we talk to Dr Patrica Selkirk AAM about her extraordinary career.

12 April 2017

Why the flu vaccine is more important than you think

Flu vaccine won't definitely stop you from getting the flu, but it's more important than you think, writes Associate Professor Kristine Macartney.

11 April 2017

How to make your next sexual health check less, erm. awkward

Knowing what to expect - and remembering that nothing you say will shock or embarrass us - will help make your next sexual health check more comfortable writes Dr Deborah Bateson.

11 April 2017

The mathematics of déjà vu

In Sydney to deliver the inaugural Dr Simon Marais Lecture, Professor Amie Wilkinson works in the field of dynamical systems, an area of mathematics that even she admits is not well understood by the general public.

10 April 2017

Hungry for change

From remote Aboriginal communities to the slums of India, Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership recipient Kelly McJannett is leading an initiative to end world hunger. 

10 April 2017

Great foresight

Opthalmologists Dr John Sarks AM (MBBS ’56) and Dr Shirley Sarks AM have been collecting human eye tissue for more than 40 years. Their legacy now passes to the University.

10 April 2017

Language for life

When Aida came to Australia, she had no family or friends. Having fled from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, she spoke only Kyrgyz and Russian.
10 April 2017

Strong foundations

Lawrence and Betty Browne's gift acknowledges that, for any important structure, first you must build the builder.

10 April 2017

Rooms with a view

Art lovers and University benefactors are looking forward to seeing their favourite artworks and artefacts in the new spaces being created at the University of Sydney.