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03 April 2017

Researchers aim to prevent concussion deaths

A team of researchers led by Dr Clare Fraser and Dr Adrian Cohen at the University of Sydney is studying the causes, assessments and treatment of concussion in sport to prevent long term brain injury and death.

03 April 2017

How 'coffee naps' can help you power through the day

Can drinking a coffee before a nap give you an extra zap of energy when you wake up? Associate Professor Chin-Moi Chow, sleep researcher from the Faculty of Health Sciences, discusses.

03 April 2017

Visionaries transform eye research

For more than three decades, the Save Sight Institute has been world leader in eye research. Professor Peter McCluskey knows how important bequests have been to achieving its many breakthroughs. 

03 April 2017

How giving has created history

Bequests have the power to fast-track the vital work we do at the university. The generosity of those who believe in the betterment of society through education has become an integral part of the University's history. It's been that way since 1850. 

03 April 2017

Advancing educational research

Dr Ray Debus, teacher, researcher, professor and University of Sydney alumnus, has ensured his passion for the advancement of education lives on well after his passing.