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20 April 2017

Government’s 457 visa reforms threaten research

The federal government's proposals for replacing the 457 visa scheme could have unintended consequences for research, innovation and all Australians, writes Professor Duncan Ivison Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

19 April 2017

'The University of Sydney is in space' - CubeSat success announced

INSPIRE-2 lead Professor Iver Cairns attended the global launch of the cube satellites, or cubesats, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States, in an historic project that marks Australia's return to the space race.

18 April 2017

Harnessing light at the nanoscale

Professor Ben Eggleton and Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo are set to illuminate the science of light at the nanoscale with their dazzling Sydney Science Forum.

18 April 2017

What to do this mid-semester break

Looking for ideas on how to spend your mid-semester break (in between studying, of course)? These ideas will help you to recharge before returning to class. 

18 April 2017

5 public speaking tips

From dad jokes to visual cues, our very own TEDx speaker Dr James Humberstone shares tips to help you nail your next public speaking gig. 

13 April 2017

Light at the start of the 21st century tunnel

PhD student Atiyeh Zarifi provides some insights into her exciting photonics research and its applications.

13 April 2017

The origins of Easter

Have you ever wondered why we call it "Easter"? Professor Carole Cusack, from the Department of Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney, reflects on the origins of some of the more familiar elements of the Easter season.

13 April 2017

Leadership honour for Adjunct Professor Muriel Bamblett

Graduation ceremony includes a Doctor of Letters in Social Work (honoris causa) for Adjunct Professor Muriel Bamblett AM, honouring leadership in Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander welfare and affairs.

13 April 2017

Taking a diet break can help weight loss

Could indulging in chocolate over the Easter season actually be good for you? Dr Nicholas Fuller explains why taking a diet break can help with long-term weight loss goals. 

13 April 2017

University wins funds to boost doctors in the bush

The University of Sydney has won $3 million in federal funds to establish Rural Training Hubs in Broken Hill, Dubbo and Lismore to boost rurally-based training and career pathways for trainee doctors.