16 July 2017

Can we shape kids' genetic exposure to behaviour problems?

Children with difficult behaviour sought for study exploring the epigenetic impact of successful parenting program.

14 July 2017

Social medicine

New work undertaken by postdoctoral medical anthropologist, Dr Darryl Stellmach, with Médecins Sans Frontières provides an important link for research and the practicalities of response procedures in medical and nutritional crises.

14 July 2017

Biting and chewing forces tooth growth

University of Sydney researchers have found chewing and biting to be the cause of adult teeth breaking through the gums rather than an innate, unknown force.

14 July 2017

Daily Telegraph article on alleged teaching of Sharia Law

The Daily Telegraph today published a story claiming the University is teaching that "elements of Sharia Law should be recognised in our legal system". Due to the public interest generated by the article we are publishing our exchange.

13 July 2017

5 reasons to study nursing at the University of Sydney

It is expected that Australia will have a significant shortfall of nurses in the next 10 years, meaning that nursing graduates will be in high demand.

13 July 2017

Ten tips to become a wine expert

For his PhD, our graduate Dr Alex Russell examined the methods by which we can improve our wine expertise. 

13 July 2017

Urbanism festival navigates post-truth politics for the facts

The Festival of Urbanism returns for the fourth year to expose the real historical, political and economic forces shaping cities and urban life in an era of post-truth politics.

13 July 2017

Commercialising medical and science discoveries

Starting today, the University of Sydney will host leading inventors and investors from across the globe for a two-day workshop on commercialising medical and science discoveries.

13 July 2017

Why making a career change into healthcare could be right for you

Health is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. Around the world nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals of all kinds are in constant demand.

13 July 2017

Peddling of unproven stem cell treatments is unsafe and unethical

A growing number of clinics around the world are exploiting regulatory gaps to sell so-called stem cell treatments without evidence that what they offer is effective or safe, writes Professor John Rasko.