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05 July 2017

Chemistry is vital

There are many challenges ahead for humanity, such as ensuring a continued supply of essential medicines. Synthetic organic chemists have unlocked many mysteries of naturally occurring medicines and invented plenty of their own. Dr Alice Williamson synthesises the facts.

05 July 2017

Gold slips past Nazis

Dr Karl gives us a basic acidic chemistry lesson that has the potential to outsmart an army.

05 July 2017

Back to the past for future Earth

A sustainable future can’t be achieved through mere observation of our Indigenous people. D’harawal Knowledge Keeper, Shannon Foster invites us to learn from old ways and incorporate contemporary science for holistic management.

04 July 2017

Sydney superstars of STEM to smash stereotypes and break records

Two University of Sydney women have been recognised by Australia's peak body in science and technology as Superstars of STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics].

04 July 2017

Jewish refugee music and theatre comes Out of the Shadows

Music and theatrical works of Jewish refugee artists fleeing fascist persecution in the 1930s and 1940s will be rediscovered in a one-off festival staged by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Seymour Centre in August.

04 July 2017

Students returning home to make a difference

From a diverse range of areas including biomedical engineering, medicine and education, the next generation of change-makers are heading home to help solve the challenges their countries face.

04 July 2017

University of Sydney engineer named one of Australia’s most innovative

Engineers Australia has named Professor Xiaoke Yi from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies as one of Australia's most innovative engineers in the Australia's Most Innovative Engineers 2017 awards.

03 July 2017

Drug company promotion to doctors endemic in Australia

An analysis of drug company-funded events in Australia has raised concerns about commercial influence. Researchers created a searchable database providing valuable transparency following changes to disclosure requirements. 

03 July 2017

Fast and safe blockchain being developed at University of Sydney

University of Sydney researchers are building a new super-fast, safe blockchain technology that has the potential to revolutionise the global economy.