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Students returning home to make a difference

4 July 2017

From a diverse range of areas including biomedical engineering, medicine and education, the next generation of change-makers are heading home to help solve the challenges their countries face.

Today, 47 students from 15 countries celebrate the completion of their international scholarships in a ceremony at the University of Sydney.

The students are the recipients of Australia Awards and Endeavour scholarships or the Indonesian Government’s Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) scholarship.

Adhi Anindyajati

Adhi Anindyajati, Indonesia 

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) 

"My academic journey took me to a number of conferences, where I had an opportunity to share my work, meet fellow researchers from around the world and keep up-to-date with developments in my field.

"I am thankful for an Australia Awards scholarship that supported my academic growth and created opportunities for me to develop as a person. Once I return to Indonesia I would like to contribute to advancing the field of biomedical engineering."

Dewi Nurcahyani

Dewi Nurcahyani, Indonesia

Master of Education

"My family is proof that education can alleviate poverty. My parents never finished their elementary schooling and we struggled financially. But with my education leading to a good job, our lives changed. Education can change people’s lives.

"My biggest dream is to see every 
child in Indonesia having access
 to quality education so that the country can be free from poverty.
 I would like to continue my work in
 the education development sector with organisations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, or the World Bank and assist the Indonesian Government to improve the education system and policy.

"My long-term plan is to build a school that is free for children who don’t have access to quality education in remote islands of Indonesia."

Kim Patria

Kim Patria, Philippines

Master of Marketing

"Being an Australia Awards scholar is both an honour and a responsibility. We are here because someone saw in us potential to contribute to positive change in our homelands.

"It is not easy to live up to great potential, but it can be done, especially if we are ready. I see the University of Sydney as a training ground for the projects I want to lead when I return to the Philippines."

Patience Komba

Patience Komba, Tanzania

Master of International Public Health

"My dream of becoming a qualified public health specialist has been made possible by the Australian Government to whom I will forever be indebted. My course has expanded my public health knowledge and equipped me with competencies that will enable me to better design, lead and manage public health programs in Tanzania and anywhere around the world.

"I have expanded professional networks, volunteered at the Sydney Hospital Sexual Health Centre and Bondi Junction Headspace, made so many new friends from all around the globe and participated in various events in and out of the School of Public Health. It has been an incredible and immensely satisfying journey."

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