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13 July 2017

Researcher presented prestigious fellowship award

Professor Phyllis Butow has been presented with the prestigious Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship - Clinical Award by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

12 July 2017

Intensive care specialist to swim English Channel

An intensive care specialist will attempt to swim the English Channel to raise funds and awareness for an Australia-first ICU follow-up clinic.

11 July 2017

Universities convene for customised healthcare research symposium

Delegates from the University of Sydney and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University have gathered to discuss precision medicine in metabolic health and cancer.

11 July 2017

Study health in Australia at the University of Sydney

Home to the Opera House and Bondi Beach, Sydney is a welcoming, vibrant, multicultural city with that quintessential laid-back Aussie vibe.

10 July 2017

University academics join Franklin Women mentoring program

Academics from the University of Sydney have joined a mentoring program run by Franklin Women aimed at supporting up-and-coming female researchers to reach leadership positions.

07 July 2017

Be a climate hero – switch on the fan

Switching on the humble fan is a great first step to reducing climate change which is a major threat to our health, say University of Sydney researchers.

07 July 2017

Five Minutes with David Guest

This World Chocolate Day, our resident expert, Professor David Guest, talks about the chocolate shortage crisis and why you should follow your passion. 

06 July 2017

Chocolate honours

For World Chocolate Day, we open a hidden stash of chocolate research to make your mouth water.

06 July 2017

Research rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe theatre in Melbourne

A full-scale replica of Shakespeare's second Globe theatre will be built in Melbourne, using specifications established through University of Sydney research.

06 July 2017

G20 faces new challenges ten years after its birth

What are the challenges facing the G20 Leaders' Summit in Hamburg, Germany? University of Sydney academics assess.