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25 November 2019

What are lost continents and why are we discovering so many?

Led by ARC Future Fellow Dr Maria Seton from the School of Geosciences, a multi-institutional team is finding surprising new information about the nature of continents, from Zealandia and beyond.
25 November 2019

Summer school inspires next generation of Indigenous teens

Students from around Australia will attend the University of Sydney's Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program. Living on campus and taking part in tailored workshops, they'll discover what higher education has to offer.
22 November 2019

Sydney's flagship public talks program heads to India

The University of Sydney has taken its flagship public talks program, Sydney Ideas, to India. It is the first time Sydney Ideas has been taken overseas, and audiences in Delhi and Mumbai had the opportunity to hear from prominent University of Sydney academics.
21 November 2019

Creating opportunities through our most generous scholarship

The University of Sydney is pleased to announce the Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship, one of the most generous postgraduate coursework scholarships an Australian university has ever offered.
21 November 2019

Sydney leaps in global economic and business rankings

Sydney's reputation as a world-class centre for economics and business has been reaffirmed by the prestigious Times Higher Education publication, which has ranked the University in the world's top 100 in these areas of study.
21 November 2019

How economics can address the challenges of our time

Shadow Minister for Health and University of Sydney Bachelor of Economics alumnus, the Hon. Chris Bowen thinks economics could use more champions - and he is happy to be one.
21 November 2019

One wildlife veterinarian's quest to save Sumatran rhinos from extinction

From a young age, Benn Bryant felt that humans should be good custodians of the planet. Now, as an intrepid vet, he works to save Sumatran rhinos, which could be down to as few as seventy left in the world.

20 November 2019

How a Sydney student champions the LGBTIQ community globally

Amy McCarthy has been instrumental in improving support for transgender students at the University of Sydney. Now, the undergraduate student is pushing for change on a global scale.
20 November 2019

Employer engagement key to boosting jobs for refugees

A groundbreaking report on barriers to refugee employment has called on the government to consider measures including employer education programs as ways of encouraging firms to hire and retain humanitarian migrants.

20 November 2019

NSW Governor, Margaret Beazley, starts with a move to Government House

She helped make the law more welcoming to women and in the process became the first female judge of the Federal Court. Now, Margaret Beazley, with her husband, Dennis Wilson, has taken on a new role: Governor of NSW.