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20 November 2019

You know medicine's placebo effect. Now meet the nocebo effect

The placebo effect has been known for some time, but how it works has been a mystery. Now, Dr Ben Colagiuri is using new insights to identify the mechanisms at work and how they can be used to improve treatments.
20 November 2019

Wood is back as architecture goes beyond cement and steel for building

Physics says a skyscraper can be made of wood. There are also some good reasons it should be. Handled properly wood can be the most ethical and sustainable building material there is. And no, fire isn't a deal breaker

20 November 2019

The 3D printing revolution in orthopaedic devices for children

Most orthopaedic devices only come in adult sizes, but using biomedical engineering, Dr Tegan Cheng is changing that. Based at Westmead and using 3D printing, her most useful tools are imagination and determination.

20 November 2019

Multispecies justice: A new approach to a growing environmental threat

Confronting another climate change summer of extremes, it's obvious the future of humans and the health of the environment are inextricably linked. New theories of justice must respond to this ecological entanglement.

20 November 2019

Biomimicry and polymer surfaces recreate nature for industry use

Surfaces in nature can be anything from super water-repellent to super slippery, or able to pull water from the air. Now Dr Chiara Neto and her team are working on recreating those surfaces to solve human problems.

20 November 2019

The Getty Museum director's journey from archaeology to art

Being the director of one of the world's most powerful and forward-thinking, private art organisations isn't a job that many people could do well. For Tim Potts, it's as if he was meant for it.

20 November 2019

Monitoring childbirth and labour is moving beyond the limits of CTG

When an almost universal piece of medical equipment nearly brought tragedy to the birth of her second child, Sarah McDonald decided to build something better. She just needed a PhD in medicine to do it.

20 November 2019

Anita Ho-Baillie announced as inaugural John Hooke Chair of Nanoscience

A world-leading expert in solar cell research, Anita Ho-Baillie will next year join Sydney Nano and the Faculty of Science as our first Chair of Nanoscience.
20 November 2019

Meet Australia's High Commissioner to India

As a delegation from the University travels across India, Her Excellency Harinder Sidhu tells us about the pressures and rewards of her role, and her hopes for Indian students at Sydney.
20 November 2019

The answer to economic famines affecting millions could be in Bangladesh

Not all famines are caused by droughts, floods or wars. In Bangladesh, famines are driven by unemployment. Shyamal Chowdhury grew up seeing the devastating consequences. Now he might have a solution.