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14 November 2019

Cementing Sydney's relationship with India

The University of Sydney will send its largest ever international delegation to India, travelling across the country to meet with institutional and industry partners.
14 November 2019

Nanoscale neural network developed with Japan and US researchers

Neuromorphic network developed by Professor Zdenka Kuncic in collaboration with UCLA and the Japanese National Institute of Materials Science exhibited emergent brain-like behaviour resembling some cognitive functions.
13 November 2019

How transit scaling shapes our cities

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Sydney reveals public transport investments in large metropolitan areas reap a better return, with more passengers adopting public transport, than those in smaller cities.
13 November 2019

Sydney engineering graduate awarded NSW Rhodes Scholarship

University of Sydney engineering graduate Grace Henry has been elected as a 2020 NSW Rhodes Scholar for her outstanding academic, sporting and community achievements.
12 November 2019

Engineering doctorate awarded to Sir Michael Hintze AM

The University of Sydney has awarded an honorary doctorate in Engineering to Sir Michael Hintze AM for his philanthropic efforts and global contributions to engineering and business.
12 November 2019

Climate change goes to war

Two professors, a politician and a student publicly consider the risks of the climate change status quo, including armed conflict, and who we can trust to improve it.
12 November 2019

The Sydney students synthesising psychedelics for health research

Six science undergraduates have won gold in an international competition with a project to manufacture the active compound in magic mushrooms. The psychedelic could be the next big thing in depression treatment.

11 November 2019

NSW and Queensland bushfires: experts available for comment

How might bushfires threaten animals like the koala? What's the link between coal and CO2? University of Sydney experts are available for comment on issues related to bushfires.
11 November 2019

Scientists discover mood-altering brain receptor

International research has uncovered a receptor believed to be linked to negative moods, in a part of the brain that is little-understood. The discovery published in Science could lead to more targeted medications.
11 November 2019

Are we overestimating lifetime cancer risks?

Researchers have found current estimates of lifetime risks of cancer diagnosis and mortality consistently higher than when they allowed for competing causes of death.