30 June 2021

Australian study shows behaviour modification crucial to stop COVID-19

One of the longest-running studies examining COVID-19 prevention behaviours shows hygiene changes have been sustained but not complex changes, like social distancing, with important policy implications.

30 June 2021

Physical activity may counter serious health harms of poor sleep

Sydney researchers have found highest risks of death and ill health among those with poorest sleep and least exercise.
30 June 2021

Why GameStop didn't surprise economists

A new study finds 18 to 24-year-olds took riskier financial decisions when being observed, lending weight to this theory that can potentially influence public policy.
30 June 2021

$6.3 million for ground-breaking stem cell research projects

Sydney researchers have been awarded funding from the Medical Research Future Fund for three projects, including pioneering stem cell research to improve treatment for patients with end-stage heart failure.
29 June 2021

'Edge of chaos' opens pathway to artificial intelligence discoveries

Some neuroscience theories suggest the human brain operates best 'at the edge of chaos'. Now scientists in Australia and Japan have found that keeping a nanowire network at the edge of becoming chaotic is the best state for it to produce useful results.
28 June 2021

Airline policies mandating vaccines will test workplace rights

Airlines want you vaccinated. They want as many people as possible vaccinated. The sooner that happens, the sooner borders open and they can get back to profitability, writes Dr Giuseppe Carabetta.
25 June 2021

Funding success for clinical trials research totalling over $10m

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded more than $10 million in funding for five new clinical trials in health and medical research projects.

25 June 2021

Australian data answers key questions about COVID-19 mortality

New data analytics study gives key insight into COVID-19 mortality risk in Australia
25 June 2021

First Australian COVID-19 DNA vaccine trial commences

Australian researchers will this week commence the first Phase 1 human trial of a COVID-19 gene-based DNA vaccine in Australia, delivered via a needle-free system.
24 June 2021

COVID-19 no barrier for student rocketry team's success

The USYD Rocketry Team has placed second and third at the 2021 Spaceport America Cup, an annual international student rocketry competition that was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.