Philippe Legrain lecture: Globalisation and why your country needs immigrants

27 February 2007

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Immigration continues to divide opinion in Australia - whether it is questions about border security and treatment of asylum seekers, agitation over non-English shop signs and integration of migrants, or definitions of Australian 'values' . The work of journalist and economist Philippe Legrain looks beyond the sensationalism of the media, and the point scoring of interest groups and politicians, to evaluate international global migration, or immigration, in today's global economy.

Legrain explains in plain language often complex socio-economic arguments, and provides a timely analysis of the issues globally and for Australia; the hidden costs of immigration controls; the economic benefits of diversity; and whether immigration threatens national identity. For globalisation to work there needs to be less restriction on immigration - more people will inevitably move across borders, Legrain says - and we should generally welcome them.

Phillipe Legrain is a journalist and frequent commentator on globalisation, trade and Europe in the media. Trained as an economist, he was a special adviser to WTO director-general Mike Moore and was chief economist at Britain in Europe for three years. He is a contributing editor to Prospect, with a monthly column about business and economics. His first book, Open World: The Truth about Globalisation, will be followed by Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them in February 2007.

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Time: 6:30pm

Location: The Seymour Centre

Cost: $15 - $20

Phone: 02 9351 7940

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