06 November 2019

World scientists declare climate emergency

A paper published in BioScience has outlined six steps humanity needs to take to reduce the impact of the emerging climate crisis. Dr Thomas Newsome, a co-author of the paper, says scientists have a moral obligation to warn of any great threat.
05 November 2019

Want some Christmas pork? Go local, avoid imports

This Christmas, Sydney experts urge all travellers to be vigilant with pork products to avoid the risk of introducing African swine fever.
30 October 2019

Banning savannah cats in Australia was good science

In 2008, the Australian Government banned the importation of savannah cats - and that was a very good thing, according to a Threatened Species Recovery Hub study led by Professor Chris Dickman, from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
30 October 2019

Lockout laws review shows vital role of transparent data analysis

Processes of data collection and analysis used to decide policy need to be as independent and transparent as possible, academics from the University of Sydney's Centre for Translational Data Science say.
30 October 2019

University of Sydney team wins global BioMod competition

Students from the University of Sydney have come first in a global competition to make 'the coolest stuff out of the molecules of life'. Contestants included Imperial College London, Ohio State University, University of British Columbia and University of Tokyo.
29 October 2019

NSW Premier recognises scientific and engineering excellence at Sydney

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian tonight awarded the 2019 Premier's Prizes for Science & Engineering. Three University of Sydney academics were recipients, recognised for their work across three categories.
25 October 2019

Multimillion-dollar centre opens to investigate the molecules of life

The new ARC centre will discover, decode and develop molecules for health, industry and agriculture. The largest research node will be at the University of Sydney, led by Professor Kate Jolliffe.
24 October 2019

Cat virus may be linked to feline cancer

Professor Julia Beatty and her team of feline medicine researchers in Veterinary Science have discovered a virus may be causing liver cancer in companion cats.
23 October 2019

School of Physics announces Grand Challenges project winners

The successful submissions include a big data project to combat modern slavery in supply chains and an ambitious project to send probes to a star system four light years away.
22 October 2019

Save our race horses by breeding them for longer careers

Can we rethink Thoroughbred breeding to improve horse welfare? Our experts weigh up the options.