03 October 2019

Revealed: the violent past of Andromeda, our neighbouring galaxy

A team of astronomers, led by Professor Geraint Lewis, has revealed two periods over billions of years where Andromeda shredded incoming galaxies to create star clusters. Our galaxy is next on the menu.
01 October 2019

Five minutes with Professor Harbans Bariana

Professor Harbans Bariana from the University's Plant Breeding Institute in Cobbity, on our Camden campus, has dedicated his life to protecting wheat crops against rust diseases. He was recently honoured as a finalist in the India Australia Business and Community Awards.
30 September 2019

5 things we learnt in ‘Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations’

Dr Celine van Golde, from our School of Psychology in the Faculty of Science, gave a hugely popular Sydney Science Forum talk ‘Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations’ on 18 September. Here are five things we learnt from her.
30 September 2019

Young leaders driving climate action showcase their solutions

Danilo Ignacio de Urzedo is completing his PhD in the School of Geosciences on Amazon forest restoration. He was recently one of 500 young people who attended the UN Youth Climate Summit and UN Climate Action Summit in NY.
30 September 2019

US backs Sydney spinout company Kinoxis to fight opioid addiction

University of Sydney spinout Kinoxis Therapeutics awarded US National Institutes of Health HEAL Initiative grant of up to $6.8m. Out of 375 grants this is the only one awarded outside North America.
27 September 2019

Sydney rock oysters adapt to climate change

Professor Maria Byrne at University of Sydney and Dr Susan Fitzer at University of Stirling in Scotland have discovered Sydney rock oysters can adapt their shells.
27 September 2019

Troubled waters: experts comment on the drought and water policy

Australia is bracing for another hot, dry summer. With no respite in sight for drought-affected communities, what's the long-term solution for our chronic water shortage? University of Sydney experts weigh up the options and examine current policy proposals.
26 September 2019

Sydney students win Graingrowers Crops Competition

The competition challenges students on their knowledge and competency skills including farm business management, agronomy, seed identification, live crop yield potential and plant and disease identification.
26 September 2019

Take a photo of roadkill for science

Bruce Englefield, a PhD student in Veterinary Science, has developed a new app that can photograph and document roadkill across Australia.
25 September 2019

Professor Nalini Joshi named as Bragg Member of RiAus

Professor Joshi from the School of Mathematics and Statistics has been recognised as one of Australia's most outstanding contributors to science.