31 July 2019

Academics announced as finalists in 5 Eureka Prize categories

Academics with expertise spanning biomedical engineering, the internet-of-things, medicine and quantum physics have been selected as finalists for five categories in Australia's most comprehensive national science awards, the 2019 Australian Museum's Eureka Prizes.

30 July 2019

$1.5 million awarded for dementia prevention study

Researchers have secured funding from the National Health Medical Research Council for a first-ever trial of both screening and intervention for obstructive sleep apnoea in older people at risk for dementia.

29 July 2019

Saber Astronautics given mission control status for CUAVA-1

ARC Training Centre CUAVA will have ground station and mission control of its first satellite supported by partner Saber Astronautics.
24 July 2019

7 tips to keep your dog safe from rats and fatal toxins

University of Sydney experts are warning all dog owners in the inner city and the inner west to have their dog vaccinated against leptospirosis and to stay away from rat baits.
24 July 2019

Cane toad testes smaller at the invasion front

Cane toads face different evolutionary pressures at the edge of their territory. In new research Emeritus Professor Rick Shine shows that the invasive species, toxic to native predators, has smaller testicles the further from its settled territory.
22 July 2019

Saving our sea lions

For the first time, a colony of sea lions in Australia will be treated with a topical anti-parasiticide and then monitored long term for health and survival.
19 July 2019

50th anniversary of the moon landing: Sydney experts weigh in

On 20 July, 1969 the Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Fifty years later, science and engineering academics from the University of Sydney reflect on the important milestone and predict what the future holds for space exploration.
18 July 2019

When science orchestrates music

As part of Innovation Week 2019 celebrations, Sydney Conservatorium of Music student, Christine Pan joins the dots between music and science through a new composition influenced by quantum theory.
17 July 2019

Sydney rises in Times Higher Education global reputation ranking

The University of Sydney has moved into second place in Australia in the 2019 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.
15 July 2019

Making deer fair game for unlicensed hunting in NSW

The NSW government last week revealed plans to ease shooting restrictions on feral deer. If the plans go ahead, deer will be stripped of their status as a game animal, writes Dr Thomas Newsome and PhD candidate Emma Spencer.