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Lunchbox Science with Associate Professor Alice Motion

E$$ential Medicine$: Why they matter
Associate Professor Alice Motion discusses the medicines that are most important to human health.
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Associate Professor Alice Motion shares the history of the medicines that the World Health Organisation categorises as most important for human health, introduces some of the chemistry of the molecules that make up those medicines, and invites you to join a new citizen science research project from the Breaking Good team at the University of Sydney.

Lunchbox Science with Associate Professor Alice Motion

More about Alice Motion

Alice Motion has studied and worked in the UK, Switzerland and Australia and is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney. Alice is an open source scientist and director of Breaking Good - a project that empowers young people and citizens to make molecules that matter. Her research is centred on ways to connect people with science. Alice was a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge, Australia 2018, has presented a weekly science segment on FBi Radio since 2015 and is the co-host of the ABC Science Podcast Dear Science.