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Lunchbox Science with Dr Rachael Gray

Saving the Australian sea lion
Join Dr Rachael Gray on 15 July to learn about how her team is working to save the endangered Australian sea lion on Kangaroo Island.

Live webinar event

Dr Rachael Gray

In July 2019, a research team from the Sydney School of Veterinary Science embarked on a novel treatment intervention in the endangered Australian sea lion on Kangaroo Island. Hookworm infection affects 100% of pups, causing significant disease and contributes to high pup deaths. The study aimed to eliminate hookworm from a subset of pups and monitor their health and growth. This Lunchbox Science webinar will discuss the project and its outcomes.

Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020
Time: 12pm – 12:45pm AEST
Cost: Free. Registration essential

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, this event will be virtual. You will need to register to participate virtually, either by phone or video link, using the registration link.

More about Rachael Gray

Rachael Gray is a veterinary graduate from the University of Sydney with a passion for marine mammals, especially pinnipeds (seals and sea lions). After graduation, Rachael worked as a small animal vet in Australia and the UK before commencing a PhD investigating the health status of leopard and Weddell seals in Antarctica. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science and undertakes research in marine mammals, sea birds and other native species. Her research focus is health and disease investigations and the impacts of toxicants, including heavy metals, on wildlife health.