Lunchbox Science with Associate Professor Tanya Latty

Bees in the city: toward pollinator friendly urban agriculture
Associate Professor Tanya Latty investigates how urban communities can contribute to protecting our pollinators.

Small scale urban agricultural systems such as community gardens, food forests and market gardens are becoming increasingly common in major cities around the world. In order to be productive, these systems often require pollination from insects such as bees and flies. In this talk, I will discuss the role urban agriculture can play in pollinator conservation and provide some insight into how our growing knowledge of insect behaviour might inform the design of more productive food gardens.

More about Tanya Latty

Associate Professor Tanya Latty‘s research focuses broadly on insect behaviour and ecology with a particularly interest in the intersections between entomology, behaviour, pest management and bioinspired technology. Her recent research directions include understanding the impacts of urbanisation on insect pollinators, developing methods for predicting and preventing colony collapse in honeybees, and using eusocial insects and slime moulds as models for bio inspired technologies.