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Lunchbox Science with Professor Mark Dadds

What can a child’s eye gaze tell us about pathways to mental health versus dysfunction?
Professor Mark Dadds investigates the link between a child’s eye gaze and their behaviour.

Humans have an inborn tendency to pay attention to the eyes of other people and reciprocate eye gaze. However, there are important individual differences in this inclination that is associated with mental health and social adjustment. This talk will cover recent findings about young children with deficits in empathy and aggressive, antisocial behaviour and look at the role reciprocated eye gaze might play in their problems and their prevention and remediation.

Lunchbox Science with Professor Mark Dadds

More about Professor Mark Dadds

Mark Dadds is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Sydney. He is Director of the Child Behaviour Research Clinic which develops state-of-the-art treatments for children and adolescents with behavioural and emotional problems. His expertise and interests focus on child and family mental health, parenting and family processes, prevention and early intervention for antisocial behaviour and mental health disorders. He also practices as a clinical child psychologist and his treatment methods were the subject of the 2014 ABC TV documentary Kids on Speed? for which he was awarded the Inaugural Australian Psychological Society Award for Media Engagement with Science.