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Lunchbox Science with Professor Jean Yang

How data can help fight disease
Professor Jean Yang explores the exciting possibilities data provides in the emerging field of bioinformatics.

With big developments in high-throughput technology in recent years, researchers have been trying to best use this treasure trove of data. Not only can we gain deeper insights into our understanding of biology, but we can now ask very specific questions about how complex diseases express themselves in different people, based on their individual genetic markers and characteristics. We will discuss how this can be used to improve outcomes for people suffering from disease.

Lunchbox Science with Professor Jean Yang

More about Jean Yang

Professor Jean Yang is an applied statistician with expertise in statistical bioinformatics. She was awarded the 2015 Moran Medal in statistics from the Australian Academy of Science in recognition of her work on developing methods for molecular data arising in cutting edge biomedical research. Her research stands at the interface between medicine and methodology development and has centred on the development of methods and the application of statistics to problems in -omics and biomedical research. As a statistician who works in the bioinformatics area, she enjoys research in a collaborative environment, working closely with scientific investigators from diverse backgrounds.