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Disability support

How to register

You can begin your registration with us by creating an online profile. Once registered you’ll use this profile to manage your requests online.

  1. Log in to Inclusion and Disability Services to create your profile. During the registration you’ll be required to read and acknowledge the following forms: 
  2. Obtain the required supporting documents. These documents will need to be uploaded to your online profile or emailed to Inclusion and Disability Services before you attend your registration consultation.
  3. Contact us to book your registration consultation with a Disability Officer. The consultation will take around one hour.

If you're having difficulties with the online system, or you can't log in, you can contact the ICT Helpdesk.

Supporting documents

To complete your registration you’ll need to provide a supporting documentation form (pdf, 269KB) completed recently by your treating health professional.

In some cases, specific support material is required instead of the form:

  • learning disability – you’ll need to provide complete results from your psychometric test. This testing needs to have been conducted after you turned 17, as features of learning disabilities can change during childhood and adolescence. If required, a Disability Officer can refer you for psychometric testing at the University of Sydney Psychology Clinic.
  • handwriting difficulties – if you are requesting services due to handwriting difficulties (unrelated to an obvious injury or congenital concern), you’ll need to provide a copy of the assessment results undertaken by an occupational therapist. We can then diagnose the extent of your handwriting difficulty.

Supporting documentation form

Download PDF

Inclusion and Disability Services

  • + 61 2 8627 8482
  • Level 5 Jane Foss Russell Building G02
Opening hours

9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Registered students can make an enquiry online

Last updated: 25 November 2021

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