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SensusAccess - document conversion

Convert your media files into a wide range of accessible and alternate formats to suit your needs.

SensusAccess is a simple to use, self-service technology that enables you to convert lectures slides or notes, images of text and much more into a wide range of formats.

For example, you can convert:

  • a journal article into an audio MP3 file
  • an image of text such as a scanned PDF into a more accessible format such as a Microsoft Word or Excel document
  • lecture notes into contracted and uncontracted digital Braille
  • a Microsoft Word file into a DAISY talking book or e-book

How does it work?

You can upload a file, enter text into an open field or provide a URL of a webpage. You then select the desired format of your file and SensusAccess will email you the converted file as an attachment or provide a link to download if it’s a large file.

For more information about SensusAccess and its capabilities, you can watch an introductory video or read the FAQs on their website. SensusAccess has also created an e-learning course about how to use the product and the advanced features.

If you have any questions about SensusAccess, you can get in touch with

SensusAccess is intended to complement the accessibility services currently offered by Inclusion and Disability Services.

Convert your media file

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Last updated: 30 November 2022

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