Indexing Workshop

Sure, writing a book is hard – but what about the index?
Join our online workshop to learn tips and tricks on how to make your own book index.

Who: Postgraduate research students and academics with interests in Southeast Asia
When: 14:00-16:30 (AEDT), Friday 15 October 2021
Where: Online via Zoom

A good index can orientate your reader to the themes and nuances of your book and even guide them to make new conceptual connections. But index preparation is usually an afterthought when writing a book. The task itself can seem overwhelming, and it is often tempting to use a professional indexer rather than do it yourself – especially when deadlines are tight. So what makes a good index, and why should you think about doing it yourself?

Rather than outsourcing the job, crafting your own index can be a powerful exercise in identifying the key concepts in your book and guiding your reader accordingly. Join us for this special SSEAC Indexing Workshop to help you understand the value of preparing your own index, how to use an index table to get your ideas together, and what you can do in advance to avoid getting stung by a short deadline.

This workshop will cover:

  • Why the index is important
  • Pros and cons of outsourcing index preparation
  • Preparing your index table
  • Populating your index table
  • Approaching your manuscript
  • My index table is ready – now what?


Please note that all attendees should be writing, or planning to write, a book. If you do not yet have a draft manuscript, you may use your PhD thesis. 

This workshop is open to PhD students and academics working on Southeast Asia. It is best suited to those writing a book for the first time, but we also welcome those with a few books under their belt who might be in need of some extra guidance or advice.

You must be a SSEAC member to attend – sign up here.

Applications are now closed.

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