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Unlearn career path

unlearn career path

Once upon a time choosing a career was a predictable path, mapping your trajectory for years to come: one career, one industry, no surprises.

But why would you want to be stuck in the same job forever?  Shouldn’t you be able to evolve as you grow? Shift careers with your changing interests?

Work as we know it is changing faster than ever. The World Economic Forum estimates today’s university students will change their careers at least seven times. At least five of their future jobs don’t yet exist.

That’s why we’re unlearning how we teach and the way our students learn.

We’re providing more options to study across a range of areas that suit each student’s tastes, interests and career goals. We’re supporting more young entrepreneurs through initiatives like INCUBATE and Sydney Innovation Hub, and creating opportunities for our students to tackle real community challenges.

We’re making collaboration, critical thinking and the ability to influence the world a part of the learning experience, so our students can manage the challenges, and make the most of the opportunities that the future offers.

Imagine what could be possible if we all learn to unlearn.

See how we're changing education.

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