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Unlearn drought

drone above fields


Australia, the sunburnt country. A place where the land is harsh and the soil dry. Where severe droughts have the potential to reduce agricultural production and, in some cases, plant and animal species face extinction.

But what if a drone could fly above crop fields, collecting data on the health of vegetables to allow farmers to adjust their irrigation practices?

Professor Salah Sukkarieh and his team at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics are working with Australian farmers to help grow their crops in smarter and more efficient ways. By using robotic devices to assess, maintain and ultimately harvest crops, they’re improving food sustainability while battling the effects of climate change.

It’s this kind of thinking that helps our researchers and students unlearn every day. To challenge what they know about a problem to find new solutions.

Imagine what could be possible if we all learn to unlearn.

See how we're changing education.

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