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15 July 2022

Sri Lanka is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis

Dr Niro Kandasamy, lecturer in History at University of Sydney, says Sri Lanka's crisis is not just about the economy, but a long history of discrimination against minority groups.
13 July 2022

From an arts degree to professional history and heritage management

Taking a bachelor’s degree in the arts later in his career led Martin Wright to his dream job where history is central to the role.
13 July 2022

(Re)Imagining the future of universities

Academics, professional staff, employers and industry experts, and students joined to discuss how to maximise student engagement in virtual classrooms and strengthen students’ employability.
13 July 2022

From an arts degree to making business a force for good

Proud arts grad Aivee Robinson is making corporate responsibility and social giving sustainable – with thanks to a foundational education in the arts.
13 July 2022

From an arts degree to co-founder of The Daily Aus

From political crossbench advisor to leading a social-first news outlet, Zara Seidler has turned her arts degree into a multi-faceted career.
13 July 2022

From an arts degree to a global consulting gig

Ben Robinson is helping organisations rethink the way they approach sustainability, human rights, and culture. How? With an arts degree.
12 July 2022

From an economics degree to leading strategy and sustainability

Caroline Boateng is a Commonwealth Bank senior strategy manager and economics grad making customer-centred design come first.
12 July 2022

From an arts degree to helping transform Sydney's public spaces

From jewellery maker to impactful creative industry specialist for a global city, Kelly Robson epitomises the possibilities of pursuing the arts.
11 July 2022

STC gives us a compelling Bronte adaptation for our moment

Professor Vanessa Smith, an expert in 19th century literature, examines a stage adaptation of Anne Bronte's novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall - a story of addiction, domestic abuse, child custody disputes and female artistic self-reclamation.
11 July 2022

International fellowships driving collaboration

The University is partnering with researchers from around the globe to create new knowledge across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.