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03 June 2022

Queen Elizabeth II to make royal history

Queen Elizabeth II has become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. Historian Dr Cindy McCreery, an expert on the history of the Royal Family, explains the occasion and offers her opinions on its meaning.
01 June 2022

What is multispecies justice, and why does it matter?

Professor Danielle Celermajer explains multispecies justice and why expanding justice beyond the interests of humans is important.
01 June 2022

Next generation of Sydney teachers are Learning from Country

Offered to enhance the cultural competency of our teachers, the Learning from Country unit connects students with Aboriginal community educators to bring First Nations histories and cultures into schools for safer, more responsive classrooms.
31 May 2022

Beyond the Moulin Rouge: the true story of a cancan star

Dr Will Visconti's new book lifts the curtain on the life of 19th century Moulin Rouge star Louise Weber, aka La Goulue (The Glutton).
27 May 2022

Sex education curriculum is underestimating our young people

Hunt-Simes Visiting Chair in Sexuality Studies Fellow, Professor Jen Gilbert speaks about sex education and LGBTQ+ issues in schools.
24 May 2022

David Harold Tribe Sculpture Award

The David Harold Tribe Sculpture Award been granted to artist Sasha Grbich for her work Bat Alphabet 40 (2022) by Sydney College of the Arts.
24 May 2022

Online platforms bring new possibilities for sexual knowledge and expression

Hunt-Simes Chair in Sexuality Studies Fellow, Professor Susanna Paasonen speaks about navigating sex and consent online.
20 May 2022

Fund your study in languages with a scholarship

Ever wanted to fund a research project in languages or kickstart your academic career in cultures, but weren’t sure how? These scholarships might just help.
17 May 2022

Major parties need to work harder to support women and families: Scorecard

The election promises of both major parties fall short of giving families the support they need to balance the demands of work and care, according to a new scorecard developed by 31 academics at 18 Australian universities.
16 May 2022

On the plus side: the vision for Hong Kong's newest museum

A love for contemporary art led alumna Suhanya Raffel to an internship at Britain's top museum. Now her vision for a global museum in Hong Kong is becoming a reality.