31 August 2022

Fixing Australia's teacher shortage

Professor Anthony Welch from the School of Education and Social Work examines whether bringing in more teachers from overseas, as proposed by politicians, will really fix Australia's "unprecedented" teacher shortage.
29 August 2022

Good jobs, flexibility, and care key to Western Sydney women

Improved wages, increased opportunities for flexible work and access to affordable care are the main things working women in Western Sydney want, a new University of Sydney report finds.
26 August 2022

Is productivity really a magical fix?

With productivity set to be the dominant theme of Labor's upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit, Honorary Professor of Political Economy, Jim Stanford, questions whether our "uncritical obsession" with productivity distracts us from the deeper problems Australia must solve in order to make economic and social progress.
19 August 2022

Parents with intellectual disability need more support

Research suggests three in five children with intellectually disabled parents are removed from their care. Academics from the University of Sydney explain why more needs to be done to support these parents to ensure the best outcomes for both themselves and their children.
17 August 2022

From an arts degree to curating an environment friendly lifestyle

Elizabeth Roberts utilises learnings from her arts degree to effectively promote and reimagine sustainable lifestyle choices via RIISE, a luxury online platform.
12 August 2022

Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde filled with dark imaginings

Associate Professor Huw Griffiths, in English Literature, reviews a theatre production that recounts Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the entire short novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, in one hour and 50 thrilling minutes.
09 August 2022

New book calls for radical overhaul of pornography studies

Pornography and its effects on consumers have been studied by academics for more than 50 years. So what have we learned? Professor Alan McKee says there are many questions that still need answers.
02 August 2022

Story books for children in care by authors with lived experience

Two young people with lived experience have authored story books to help ease the trauma for children currently in care, part of a project undertaken by the University of Sydney's Research Centre for Children and Families.
01 August 2022

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences launches two new schools

As part of the previously announced organisational changes, FASS has renamed two schools.
31 July 2022

Collateral damage of immigration detention: new research

Australia's policy of indefinite mandatory detention is harming detainees' friends, family and supporters, according to a new study by the Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies (SCHS) at The University of Sydney.