20 December 2023

Loud, energetic and bright: Disney's Artful Dodger down under is fun!

Dr Megan Nash, a teacher in literature and film in the School of Arts, Communication and English, takes a close look at Disney's new TV series The Artful Dodger, set in Australia with bright sunshine and savage humour - and Aussie pop songs.
18 December 2023

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences names three Horizon Fellows

Three of the Australia’s best emerging academics to undertake innovative and game changing research in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
18 December 2023

An austere Christmas is on the cards - but don't say recession

The very concept of a recession has contested definitions - so how do we know if we are in one? Dr Luke Hartigan explains in The Conversation.
15 December 2023

Bradley Cooper's Maestro: the Leonard Bernstein story

Dr Joseph Toltz, Honorary Associate in the School of Languages and Cultures, and Manager of Research Support in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, explores the legacy of the great American conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein as portrayed in the new Netflix film Maestro directed by, and starring Bradley Cooper.
14 December 2023

MCA unveils Tacita Dean's poetically-charged art

Associate Professor Donna Brett, Chair of Art History, explores the work of British visual artist Tacita Dean - known for her film-works, photography, drawings and installations - in a major new exhibition at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art.
12 December 2023

Cultivating social work leaders: The impact of field education on career success

Ryde Community Mental Health Centre highlights the quality and values our students bring to the centre, including Georgie Turnbull, final-year student in the Bachelor of Social Work.
11 December 2023

Anna Boucher receives Marian Simms Policy Engagement Award

Associate Professor Anna Boucher has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to policy debate in Australia and overseas.
11 December 2023

Unlock global opportunities with language skills

Indonesian Studies graduate Sally Andrews demonstrates the importance of language skills for graduates seeking to find their path in the modern workplace, as she leverages her linguistic and cultural expertise to shape a career in international policy.
11 December 2023

The government's preventative detention legislation, explained

New laws that allow certain former immigration detainees to be re-detained if they have committed a crime and pose an unacceptable risk to the community are not as black and white as they may seem, write Drs Michelle Peterie and Amy Nethery for The Conversation.
07 December 2023

Jack Halberstam in the Wild

In December, Jack Halberstam will elaborate on his theory of “wildness” via a public lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and participation in Queer PowerPoint at the University of Sydney’s Seymour Centre.