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Dean's welcome

An innovator in transformational education
At the University of Sydney Business School we share ideas and learn from each other. Through our many initiatives we challenge the status quo to reinvent ourselves and others.
Gregory Whitwell

Professor Gregory Whitwell, Dean

The University of Sydney Business School

Our Business School is a world-class centre of teaching, learning and research that aims to help you to realise your potential through an experience that is truly transformational.

Put simply, we are committed to helping you put your knowledge into practice. Our programs are designed to ensure you actively engage with the subject matter so your learning deepens. You will also gain practical skills, such as problem-solving, working collaboratively, providing compelling arguments, effective communication and demonstrating the means by which a strategy can be executed successfully.

Importantly, we also give you opportunities to engage outside of the classroom through our industry placement programs in Sydney, regional NSW and overseas. These internships reflect our strong connections with local and international businesses and with public and private organisations.

We are an influential and respected voice on major issues and trends, and this frames our research. We impart specialist knowledge and engage in cutting-edge research, responding to the complex changes around us. Our topical research agenda enables us to lead new thinking and participate in public policy debates.  

In all that we do, we emphasise quality- many of our programs are professionally accredited, and we are the only Australian business school to achieve membership of CEMS (the Global Alliance in Management Education). We are also accredited internationally by both AACSB and EQUIS.

Welcome to the University of Sydney Business School.

Professor Gregory Whitwell, Dean
The University of Sydney Business School