07 November 2018

Sydney at the epicentre of global accounting education

World leaders in the accounting sector are gathering in Sydney for three key meetings which are expected to have a significant impact on global accounting standards and practices.
06 November 2018

Indian women hold the key to food wellbeing

Governments need to recognise the status of women in the family and society and give them a role in developing policies aimed at alleviating poverty, according to researchers at the University of Sydney Business School.
29 October 2018

The art of productive complaining

Making an authentic complaint is beneficial to both consumers and organisations. Dr Kiju Jung and Professor Donnel Briley have developed three important principles to help customers complain more effectively.
18 October 2018

Business School students boost ties with Latin America

Ahead of a new trade deal, University of Sydney Business School students provided consulting services to Australian companies keen to engage with Mexico, Latin America’s most dynamic economy.
17 October 2018

Career opportunities ramping up in real estate, expert says

The real estate industry is one of Australia’s largest, yet it is largely ignored by universities as a legitimate field of study, says a leading researcher at the University of Sydney Business School.
15 October 2018

Business School appoints top marketing boss to keep pace with industry

Andrew Baxter brings a deep understanding of how technological change is transforming marketing through a shift from traditional media towards sophisticated digital platforms.
09 October 2018

On a collision course with driverless cars

Driverless cars are likely to arrive in the next decade, bringing with them big changes to the way we move around cities – and a new set of anxieties. Tony Arnold asks if they can they deliver on the utopian vision.
09 October 2018

Meet the lawyer who’s dedicated her life to social justice and gender equality

Adele Langton has always known that her life’s happiness would stem from having true purpose and an impactful footprint on the world.
03 October 2018

Move to standardise regtech to lift finance sector compliance

The International RegTech Association has released the IRTA Principles for RegTech Firms, aimed at improving compliance and transparency in the finance sector.
01 October 2018

What's up with universal basic income?

What’s one thing Milton Friedman, Richard Branson, Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King Jnr, Eva Cox, Elon Musk, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mark Zuckerberg have in common?