07 September 2018

Corporate China looks to Australia for business insights

Chinese businesses are turning to Australia in the hope of gaining entrepreneurial skills and a level of corporate sophistication before tackling the larger European and North American markets, according to a leading China scholar at the University of Sydney Business School.
05 September 2018

Business must do well and do good

The University of Sydney Business School’s annual alumni dinner is clearly one of the world’s more diverse gatherings.
05 September 2018

6 tips for successful admission into our part-time MBA

Applying to study an MBA can be a daunting experience. With fairly rigorous entry processes and admission criteria, it’s important that your application stands out from the crowd.
04 September 2018

How colonialism causes traffic trouble

Economic structuralism may explain the stunted growth of countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Nina Verzosa explores how vestiges of colonialism may have impacted traffic safety in these rapidly globalising regions.
29 August 2018

University funds groundbreaking research into the workplace gender divide

The University of Sydney is to further fund cutting edge research into the future of work and careers for young women with the aim of eroding the barriers to gender equality in the workplace.
23 August 2018

Sydney based Beta Alpha Psi team wins global recognition

The University of Sydney chapter of the international student organisation Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) has been recognised for its outstanding performance by delegates to the group’s annual meeting in the United States capital, Washington.
14 August 2018

Where will human resource management and industrial relations lead you?

If you want to begin or further your career in human resource management, industrial relations or a related area, our Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations is the specialist qualification you need.
13 August 2018

Internationally diverse enrolments highlight of full-time MBA

The University of Sydney Business School is now delivering its long-awaited industry oriented and leadership focused full-time MBA program with an international cohort which is both gender and culturally diverse.
08 August 2018

Authenticity, what does it really mean?

There’s a lot of buzz around at the moment about being an authentic leader and bringing the real you to work, but what does that mean for how you behave and interact with others?
08 August 2018

But what if I like driving?

Autonomous vehicles are finding their way into the spotlight, and many of us love the idea of a driverless future. But despite all the advantages, David Hensher explains why he enjoys driving.