08 August 2018

Business school appoints host of new Associate Deans

In line with a University-wide restructure, the Business School has created Associate Deans with responsibility for Research, Student Life, Indigenous Strategy and Services, and Education.
07 August 2018

Helping people in polluted cities to breathe 'Australian' air

The people of China, India and South Korea’s polluted cities may in future breathe fresh “Australian air” thanks to a student led start-up called AusMask, which has won a major Student Innovation Challenge Award.
06 August 2018

MBA alumnus builds knowledge bridge

Business School alumna, Anmol Saini, is now chairing a unique organisation, which she and the team hope will build a ‘knowledge bridge’ between India’s entrepreneurial women and Australian investors.
05 August 2018

Shining the spotlight on autonomous vehicles: the driverless future

Research by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies on autonomous vehicle technology is addressing key questions around their potential impacts on the community.
05 August 2018

Mobility as a service: What does it mean for society?

Mobility as a service (MaaS) is a popular interpretation of future collaborative and connected urban transportation, centred on a changing society embracing a sharing culture which can satisfy our mobility needs without owning assets such as a car.

31 July 2018

Creating the future: how business can leverage emerging trends

Fast-growing startup GlamCorner is harnessing forward-thinking trends to change the fashion industry for the better.
24 July 2018

How data can improve healthcare

New data-driven software developed by Dr Aldo Saavedra and Dr Erick Li cuts through laborious, complex and costly pharmaceutical procurement processes to free up hospital resources for better patient care.
16 July 2018

Transport planning starts with a budget

Benefit-cost analysis in the transport sector often involves designating a corridor then conducting appraisals on a few options, writes David Hensher. But what if we start with a specific budget and don’t allow it to vary?
09 July 2018

Applying MBA skills to wicked social problems

Claire Taylor, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient and current MBA student, tells her story.
03 July 2018

UN scholarship winner hopes to see more women in policing

An Australian Federal Police Officer, who wants to see more women leaders in the force, has been awarded a UN Women National Committee Australia MBA Scholarship.