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05 October 2021

Is Globalisation through digital platforms a good idea?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employers to introduce flexible work from home arrangements for their staff. Professor David Hensher looks at the pros and cons of implementing this on a global scale so that labour markets are not restricted by state or even country.
23 September 2021

Revolutionary sustainability start-up works with students on national expansion

Students have contributed to the development of an impactful new start-up, Mercularis, which aims to improve waste management systems through a digital circular economy approach.
17 September 2021

Brighten your day with these 10 positive stories

Hanging out for some good news? Here are 10 positive news stories you might have missed that could brighten your outlook this weekend.
13 September 2021

Sydney University's Master of Management ranked first in Australia

The University of Sydney Business School has ranked first in Australia in two recent global rankings of the Master of Management program.
10 September 2021

Experts reflect on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

Tomorrow, it will have been 20 years since Al Qaeda hijacked and crashed aeroplanes into the World Trade Centre towers in New York and the Pentagon, fundamentally shifting geopolitics in the 21st century. University of Sydney experts reflect on the events that transpired and the lessons learnt as a result.
06 September 2021

Which postgraduate business course should I choose?

No matter what your experience level, interests and goals, we have a postgraduate business degree that will help you achieve your career ambitions. Take our quiz to find the qualification that will help you succeed.

06 September 2021

Turning the Australian supply chain symphony into a masterpiece: Institutionalised collaboration

Professor Ben Fahimnia calls for a more collaborative supply chain management culture to optimise business processes in this increasingly globalised age.
02 September 2021

Commerce student makes an impact at Benefit Cosmetics and Adobe

Find out more about Commerce/Advanced Studies student Daniel and his experience at the University of Sydney Business School, including clubs and societies and industry internships.
01 September 2021

Master of Management vs Master of Management (CEMS)

Find out whether the 1 year Master of Management or 1.5 year Master of Management (CEMS) is the right degree to help you fast track your career in business.
31 August 2021

My life-changing journey from disadvantage in Delhi to the University of Sydney

Current Master of Management (CEMS) student Abhishek shares his experience as an international student and recipient of the first Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship.