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Engage our experts to deliver value to your organisation
We're home to leaders in a range of fields, who can provide technical advice, testing and evidence-based recommendations.

With more than 3000 researchers on staff, we can provide our industry, business and government partners with access to a broad range of expertise and services.

Our people can provide:

  • technical expertise and advice
  • specialist testing
  • bespoke training services
  • expert witnesses
  • academics for advisory boards.

We have a range of consultancy agreements available to help facilitate a smooth partnership process.

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Below are just some of the consultancy services that we offer.

You can also explore our comprehensive database of experts, or contact us and we’ll find the most appropriate expert for you.

We offer tailored executive education programs, where we work with you to address the needs of your organisation and reach desired outcomes.

We offer a number of consultancy, testing and analytical services, in areas that include:

  • chemical engineering
  • fluids and the environment (wind engineering, water resource management, hydraulics etc)
  • geotechnical testing
  • sustainable energy development
  • structural engineering 
  • telecommunications.

We can partner with you to enrich your provision of education and learning material.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre are experts in developing learning strategies, tools and resources to help extend students' academic skills. We draw upon and contribute to research and scholarship in the areas of student learning and applied linguistics.

We provide a number of free resources and are available for consultation and collaboration in the area of academic literacy in higher education. We’ve also developed a package to assist university teachers in academic departments and learning centres in establishing a literacy profile of their students. Download the MASUS Procedure (pdf, 469KB).

For more information, contact us at or +61 2 9351 3853.

Mathematics Learning Centre

The Mathematics Learning Centre offers teaching and learning expertise in the pedagogic design and production of written and online mathematics and statistics learning resources. 

For more information, contact us at or +61 2 9351 4061.

We offer extensive consultancy services for our industry and community partners in a variety of areas including:

  • educational design
  • workforce development
  • outreach and engagement
  • clinical and research services
  • international partnerships
  • articulation agreements
  • policy design and development.

For more information on our bespoke services please contact our Research Enterprise team at

We offer testing of foods for their glycemic index (GI), insulin index, satiety response, and other metabolic parameters. For more information, please contact Professor Jennie Brand-Miller.

Our experts can provide advice and access to chemistry facilities and instruments and materials analysis services.

A key area of our advice is on environmental and broader sustainability issues including:

  • triple bottom line/sustainability reporting
  • carbon footprint analysis
  • life-cycle assessment
  • environmental impact assessment
  • national accounts
  • economic systems research. 

For more information on environmental and sustainability consulting, please contact Professor Manfred Lenzen.

We offer a number of consultancy services in the field of veterinary sciences.

For example, we offer commercial assessments of semen samples obtained from any domestic or non-domestic animal species by the Sydney School of Veterinary Science.

We also provide veterinary pathology services, in the disciplines of haematology, serum biochemistry, clinical microbiology, cytopathology, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, parasitology and specimen processing for research purposes.

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