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We have a large portfolio of inventions available for licensing, commercialisation and investment
Our portfolio of inventions and innovations spans a number of sectors, including diagnostics, therapeutics, biomedical devices and optical technology, just to name a few. We offer flexible licensing agreements, to streamline the process for our partner organisations. Please contact us to discuss.

Meet the team

The University of Sydney Commericalisation Office has a board range of technical and commerical expertise. We connect investors to our researchers and advise our staff on intellectual property (IP) planning, patening, new ventures (startups and spin-outs) and more. Meet our managers below. 

Dr Leong Mar is an experienced technologist, innovator and entrepreneur with a unique combination of commercial and technical leadership experience gained from over 20 years working in a spectrum of organisations, including tech start-ups, small businesses, research organisations and one of the world’s iconic science corporations. With an expansive knowledge and expertise across the physical and chemical sciences. Leong has a successful track record in identifying, developing and commercialising products and services in several different industries.

Leong has a BSc(Hons) and PhD in Chemistry from UNSW, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Six Sigma Green Belt qualification. Follow Leong on LinkedIn

Jeremy Cohen has a background in the finance sector and Intellectual Property (IP) advisory. His professional journey commenced in South Africa, where he specialised in equity and debt placements for small-cap and private enterprises within the industrial and mining sectors. After relocating to Australia for further studies and work, he played a pivotal role in securing funds and fostering the growth of a small software company operating in Australia and Holland.

Jeremy worked at the Australian Bond Exchange before joining EverEdge Global, a renowned firm specialising in IP advisory, valuation, and transactions. In this role, he collaborated seamlessly with IP lawyers and consultants, conducting comprehensive IP assessments, valuations, and structuring licensing agreements. His responsibilities extended to managing engagements with both listed and unlisted company clients.

Jeremy's qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce in Law, a Graduate Diploma of Management, and certification as a Financial Modelling Valuation Analyst.

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Sally Hunter is a skilled Project Manager with extensive knowledge of the research commercialisation process and tech transfer from over 11 years of experience in the Commercialisation Office.

Sally's expertise lies in spearheading various initiatives within the Commercialisation Office, notably leading projects such as the CDIP Fund, Strategic Impact Proof-of-Concept Fund, and commercial contract management. Sally's extensive background also encompasses roles in intellectual property management at eWater Group and brand management for Stefano Manfredi. With a dynamic career spanning glass artistry, marketing, and sales, Sally brings a diverse skill set to her current role, demonstrating her commitment to innovation and project success.

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Lisa Linssen spent six years as General Manager of RingIR, a start-up company she helped co-found that developed real-time detection systems for hazardous gases, vapours and aerosols. In this role, Lisa managed the Australian operations and secured and delivered several multimillion-dollar contracts with government, defence and industry partners, demonstrating her strategic and executional skills. Lisa has also been a commercialisation manager at NewSouth Innovations, the technology transfer arm of UNSW and also held business development roles at multinational companies, Akzo Nobel, Toyota Tsusho and Huntsman Chemicals.

Lisa has Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Applied Science as well as a Master of Intellectual Property, specialising in technology transfer and intellectual property commercialisation/globalisation.

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Mark Berlage is a highly accomplished research management professional with a wealth of experience in proposal and tender development, grants development and management, intellectual property negotiation and strategic business development.  His diverse knowledge base and skill set includes business process improvement, workplace and organisational learning and training and adult education, program, and project management.  Mark’s approach is characterised by building rapport and trust, understanding needs, challenges, and goals, providing sound information and guidance, and striving to achieve smart, practical, and implementable outcomes in a timely manner. 

Prior to his current role, Mark held positions at several other Universities and organisations including Industry Research Partnerships Manager, Grants Development Manager and International Research Funding Development Manager as well as Senior Executive Officer (Health and Medical sector) and Instrutional Designer and Performance Analyst (Banking and Finance Sector). Mark holds a Master of Philosophy in Higher Education specialising in university-industry research partnerships, Graduate Diploma in Science andTechnology Commercialisation, a Master of Education in Adult Education, a Graduate Certificate in Management, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts.

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Rachel Pevy is the Commercialisation Communications and Training Manager. Prior to her current role, Rachel was Communications Specialist (Research) in the Central Marketing and Communications team. Rachel is responsible for the design and provision of training for University researchers on Intellectual Property, the University's IP Policy, Records of Invention/ Invention disclosures, and the overall Commercialisation process. Her role involves the planning, development, and delivery of strategic communications (and events) relevant to research translation and commercialisation, across the University's commercialisation eco-system as well as to external partners and industry. 

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Business and is currently pursuing her Masters in Strategic Communications at the University of Technology Sydney.

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Dr Taylor Syme is a technology transfer professional who bridges the gap between academia and industry. He firmly believes in the transformative power of academic research, viewing it as a key driving force behind improving our societal, environmental, and economic conditions. He is passionate about working closely with his peers to provide a commercial lens and to help them achieve impact with their research through commercialisation. Taylor is responsible for evaluating and protecting research in the medical and biotech space that is suitable for commercialisation, and identifying partners and negotiating deals with them to achieve a route to market. He has relationships with and understands the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders, such as pharmaceutical firms, start-ups, deep tech ventures, government entities, universities, healthcare, incubators and non-for-profits.

Taylor has a PhD in Molecular Biology and Neuroimmunology, and a Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Genetics) with Honours, both from the University of Sydney.

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Emma-Louise Hunsley is an experienced commercialisation professional passionate about taking research ideas through to real world solutions. Over the past decade she has commercialised technologies in Australia and New Zealand in both university and hospital settings.  Emma-Louise is specialised in the commercialisation of healthcare related technologies and works with researchers, clinicians, and industry to improve healthcare outcomes worldwide.

Emma-Louise is responsible for the assessment, protection and commercialisation of intellectual property developed by University of Sydney researchers, including the Sydney Biomedical Accelerator.

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Dr Julius Juarez is a broadly skilled professional with global experience working across academic research and the pharmaceutical industry in Drug Discovery and Medical Affairs. He has proven collaborative leadership skills and experience in developing and directing medical/scientific strategies.

Prior to his current position, Julius was an Associate Director of Strategy and Operations in GI drug discovery at Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Boston. He is passionate about translating and commercialising innovative research and has led several successful industry-academic collaborations. He has worked in a number of therapeutic areas including Immunology, Gastroenterology, Oncology/Haematology, and Virology. He has a PhD from The University of Sydney and was a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Julius completed a program at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, focusing on the transition from science to business.

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Dr Melitta Jercher is an experienced European patent attorney with a proven track record as an IP specialist in various roles and industries. Skilled in all aspects of European Patent Law, Melitta's scientific expertise covers Chemistry, Materials Science and Life Sciences. She has deep knowledge and experience in managing and developing large IP portfolios. She combines strong analytical skills with a methodical problem-solving approach to achieve targeted results.

Melitta holds a PhD in Natural Sciences and is a qualified European patent attorney. Follow Melitta on LinkedIn