Projects for resilience, sustainability and social justice

Project execution and management in times of need

Our research into projects for resilience, sustainability and social justice explores the roles and patterns of projects in the face of global and local challenges.

Our experts: Associate Professor Nader Naderpajouh, Associate Professor Petr Matous and Associate Professor Michele Barnes

Our partners: Global Resilience Institute, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Industry partners: National Hazards Research Australia, Swisscontact

Projects as a form of temporary organising can at their best be vehicles to intervene in social, technical, and ecological systems towards resilience and sustainability goals. In this research theme we explore the role of projects and programs in the face of both global grand challenges and local disruptions.

Examples of these challenges include:

  • social injustice
  • climate crisis
  • food crisis
  • affordable housing
  • public health
  • unequal development, and 
  • disasters. 

Examples of previous works in this research theme include:

  • establishing the research stream across the concepts of projects and resilience
  • the role of temporary organising in the face of crisis, and 
  • community engagement in international development projects.