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Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

About the practical experience

The professional-experience component provides a suite of developmentally sequenced practical studies that are integrated with theoretical, evidence-based knowledge within the core teaching-and-learning and early-childhood-education units. Professional Experience promotes learning about early-childhood professional contexts, pedagogical settings and practices, and the ways by which families and communities, teachers and other educators and professionals nurture young children’s growth and development. Professional Experience enables early-childhood-teacher-education students to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to plan for, facilitate and evaluate learning and care environments for young children. Professional Experience is underpinned by three overarching guiding principles that are evidence-based and practice-centred and aligned with the goals and intent of the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers. These principles are professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement.

Requirements for completion

From year two, students will undertake a total of 90 days of field experience, which exceeds accreditation requirements for preservice early childhood teachers by 10 days. In year two students will complete 20 days of professional experience and in year three students will complete two professional experiences collectively completing 40 days. In their fourth and final year students will complete a 30 day internship.

Contacts and further information

See the Sydney School of Education and Social Work website for location and contact details, including counter opening hours for the Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support.