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Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Practical experience

About the practical experience

Professional Experience (practice teaching) is integral to the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree. In each year of the degree students will be placed in schools with experienced teachers to observe and engage in classroom work to develop their knowledge and skills about teacher practice. Observation visits to schools commence in Year 1 followed by professional experience placements of 3-4 weeks each year, culminating in a 6-week internship in the final semester of study.

The Office of Professional Experience is responsible for organising professional experience placements for students in partnerships with schools. Experienced teacher mentors are allocated to support students during their professional experience placements in schools. Opportunities are available for students to undertake professional experience in regional schools or overseas destinations during the degree.

Requirements for completion

Students must complete 80 days of professional experience in schools and satisfy the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Block placements are undertaken by students in different schools in the second, third and fourth years of the degree. In second year, students are placed in schools in pairs and supported to complete 15-days of professional experience where they become familiar with school procedures and develop confidence and skills in teaching. In third year, students complete a 20-day block where they work more independently and continue to develop first-hand knowledge and skills. In fourth year, students complete two blocks of professional experience: 15-days during semester one and 30-days internship, in the same school, in semester two. During the final internship students are responsible for teaching up to 60% of the teacher workload.

Contacts and further information

See the Sydney School of Education and Social Work website for location and contact details, including counter opening hours for the Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support.