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International Business

Studying an International Business major at the University of Sydney Business School provides students with the knowledge and skills relevant to the development, strategy and management of international business organisations and the institutional context for their development, growth and operation.

There is a strong emphasis throughout the major on cultural understanding and comparing how business works in Australia with other countries in the Asian region and beyond. In addition, there is the opportunity to learn about the role and importance of entrepreneurship in an international business context.

Options for studying International Business

Major and minor in International Business

International Business is available as Table A major and minor options in the Bachelor of Commerce, the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Commerce.

The International Business major and minor are also available to students not enrolled in a Commerce degree through the shared pool (Table S) - see the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook for details.

Please note. Students cannot complete both a major and a minor in International Business for their degree.

The requirements for the major and minor in International Business can be found in the Unit of study table

For progression guides for the major/minor, please log into Canvas and refer to Progression Examples.

Honours in International Business

Honours study in International Business is available to eligible students. For eligibility requirements and details of the admissions application process, students should refer to the Current Students Honours page.

The units of study required for Honours in International Business can be found in the Honours unit of study table.

Major learning outcomes

On successful completion of the International Business major students will be able to:

Major learning outcome
1. Define and explain key theories and concepts in international business management.
2. Identify and solve unique problems that emerge when firms cross cultural, national, and political borders.
3. Apply various international business strategies to identify risks and justify courses of actions.
4. Communicate effectively and professionally by using appropriate and context specific business terminology in written and oral communication.
5. Evaluate data and information from a range of academic sources and media by distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information.
6. Recognise cultural differences and apply cultural knowledge to adapt strategies to multiple international business contexts.
7. Illustrate the complexity of management in the global economy via a range of real-world examples.
8. Apply and evaluate concepts of business ethics and social responsibility in international business dilemmas.
9. Work effectively in diverse cross-cultural groups by demonstrating respect, integrity, and open-mindedness.

Further information

For further information regarding study in International Business at the University of Sydney, please refer to the Study international business page.